Aloe Potion for scars, acne scars, and curly hair



Aloe Vera for wrinkles and scars on face and body. Forget the expensive creams we buy from big #corporate that promise to shrink wrinkles and fine lines and have so many #manmade #ingredients in them and preservatives to sit on the shelves.
This product works.

*Aloe is proven to heal cuts, sunburns, prevent wrinkles, and give your face a matte finish. In hair, it helps to achieve beach waves - tight curls.
*Aquafaba is an alternative to egg whites which acts as a skin tightener. In hair, it keeps strands together, especially curls.
*Honey is for moisturization.
*Coconut oil is a moisturizer.
*Shea butter is a thick, non-oily moisturizer.
*Cucumber is for anti-inflammation and a moisturizer.
*Lemon acts as a preservative to keep the aloe lasting longer and brightens skin.
*I add vitamins A,C,E, and others as preservatives which are also great to soak into the skin.
*Lemongrass essential oil for fragrance.
*Tumeric powder is for anti-inflammation.

Use also as a hair sculpting formula to revive curls and add volume. A safe, chemical-free alternative to hair mousse.

Each bottle is 2 oz.
Thank you!